Initially, I wanted to create a narrative, but Letters To ended up being more of an investigation of controlled randomness, and how it can evoke emotion in us. A weird little toy, I guess.

It reminds me of poetry, a little bit. How it sometimes doesn’t make any sense to me but makes me feel things.

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How it works

When choosing who to write to or closing remarks, use UP and DOWN keys to cycle through options.

When presented with ??, use the arrow keys to choose a word by specifying valence with UP or DOWN, and arousal with LEFT or RIGHT.

  • UP: high valence or pleasant vibes
  • DOWN: low valence or words with unpleasant connotations
  • LEFT: low arousal or calm words
  • RIGHT: high arousal or words with high energy

Where did the words come from?

They are selected from a list of words from this paper.

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